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PRODUCTS PAGE Template and Ideas - simply replace this text with your own.

You can add content to this web page by simply typing into it. You can edit that content by selecting it and using the Tool Bar above. You can also Change The Size Of The Text or Change The Colour Of The Text or Change The Font Of The Text

Using the Tool Bar

Using the Tool Bar on your Sitebuilder's edit tab is pretty easy, just hover your cursor over each button on the Tool Bar for a description of what it does. Then just experiment using some of these editing buttons.

When you're done typing and editing your page, click the "Save Changes" button at the top left of this screen to save your work.

Ideas For Creating a Products Page

Including a "Products" page can help to build up the content on your site while letting your customers know what you are offering.

There are basically two approaches you can take on your "Products Page" .

Option 1. List your products on a regular "products page" like this one (instead of using an eShop page). You can do this by editing this page using the Edit Tab and your "Tool Bar" above. This option is best if you don't have many products to list or don't actually sell them online, just need to provide information about them to potential customers. Maybe you offer just a few products or a service and don't need a whole estore/shopping cart for your situation. Or maybe you just want to better control the way your product page looks.

With this option you simply type your product info in, insert any images and organize everything on the page as you like, using your "Tool Bar". You can list each product one after the other on the page or you can use tables to organize your products into columns and rows.
Option 2. Delete this page and list your products within an eCommerce Storefront/Shopping Cart Solution (eShop). This option takes longer to set up but is useful if you actually intend to sell the items online or if you have many or multiple products for sale, with different categories, ordering options, shipping methods, colors etc. You can add an eshop later if necessary.

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